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Jump out of your comfort zone. You never know where you'll land.

With Run Haven coming up (the new exciting running event coming to the Mid North Coast in November), I started reflecting on my very first running event.

There was nothing further out of my comfort zone than running... and just not running, but running in front of other people.

The thought that other people would see me run was terrifying. What would I look like? What would other runners think? I don't look like the other runners, will they think i don't belong amongst them? What would the spectators think? Am I too slow? Can I make the distance? These and so many other silly thoughts filtered through my head when I was deciding to sign up for my first ever running event.

Thankfully I ignored those thoughts. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that...

If you want change, you have to evoke change.

So I took the plunge.

The first event I signed up for was a 10km. I did not class myself as a runner. I'd never run10km before in my life and to be totally honest, I didn't think I could make the distance.

But I had committed and I was going to give it a crack. I lined up at the back of the other runners and waited for the start. Standing on the start line looking around at the other runners, I felt like a total imposter. But I was seconds away from starting and there was no turning back.

Before I knew it, I was off and running (literally) and surprisingly I felt good. All those self conscious thoughts faded away and I focused on taking my next step, then the next. I didn't care what I looked like. I didn't care what anyone else thought. And as each kilometre was conquered, I discovered some new truths about my self. I could and would make the distance.

And I did.

Not only did I finish the race, but I made some life long friends along the way. I was 8km in and feeling all the pain (questioning why I had entered in the first place), when I started chatting to a lovely stranger going at my pace. She encouraged me along and to this day is a dear friend of mine. (Hi Trishalicious!)

You see those 'other runners' who I thought would be judging me so harshly for daring to join their run, happened to be the most inclusive, supportive, kind and friendly people on the planet. This was the day that I discovered that the running community is full of a unique group of people who are genuinely happy for and who celebrate the success of others!

That 10km while insignificant to most people, was life changing for me.

It's the day I started believing in myself. It's the day I started challenging myself. It's the day I knew I could!

So if you're on the fence. If those same silly thoughts are holding you back. Let me be the person to tell you, you can!

Go on! Sign up for that event that you think is out of your reach (do it right here!). You've got this!

Leap out of your comfort zone, you never know where you'll land!

See you at Run Haven! Sally xo

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