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Why I run.

Why I run.

Amid taking a couple of well deserved weeks off running following the Sydney Marathon a few weeks ago, I found myself reflecting on why I run- a question I had to answer in words for the first time recently in a marathon state of mind course.

What's apparent to me is that one person's reasons for running can be quite different to the next, and to the next person again and so forth. So, as I look to switching my training focus from the Sydney Marathon over to Runhaven, it seemed a timely question to ponder as I consider which distance, what goal, and why.

So, why do I run?

I love the autonomy that comes with running and that is a significant appeal to me. I run when it works in best with all of my family and life responsibilities. When I don't feel like running I don't feel guilty and I will walk, rest, or cross train instead. With running, I can choose to run in a group or to run on my own as I need to. I can run in the morning or in evening pending what works in best with what i have going on, and I am definitely not opposed to getting wet and slogging it out in the rain. With running, I can pretty much run whenever and wherever I need or want to.

At times, I love running for a sense of achievement and that feeling of improvement. With running, you can tailor your training to a specific event, or to training harder for pursuing that next PB, or for any other reason as you want to. Simply put, I love how we can decide how big or little a bite to take at different times throughout our running journey. And if you want to take that bigger bite and push yourself harder and further to explore and chase potential... you can!!!

But lately, I find myself more so running for connection...

Not everything has to be about PB's and time goals, and I am totally ok with that. After all, everyone runs for their own reasons and purpose. And that's the beauty of the sport...

To me, the banter and laughter with mates and likeminded people is priceless. Legit priceless. Talking some smack and hanging some crap with your mates laughing all the way through 30km before going to work would be unimaginable to many...but certainly not to me or my running mates. The group chats and nicknames, the mental health and wellbeing benefits... it's all there. And the cherry on top: who else but a fellow running mate would run home with you at the end of a night out to avoid wasting time on waiting for a taxi....

So if you haven't thought about why you run, maybe now is the time?

Just thinking about my why makes me smile. And that smile leads to another race entry, which turns into another highly memorable occasion with my mates.

Come run with us! We're pretty fun ;)

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